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Mens Waxing

Manscaping Services:Waxing just for Men!

*First in Northern CA To offer Mens & All Gender "Below The Belt" Waxing back when no one would do it!

What sets us apart as Waxing Experts?22+ Years of experience and our Specialty wax! Do NOT be fooled, all waxing was NOT created equal! With so many options available you may not know there is a difference!

With 22+ years of experience TECHNIQUE sets us apart. Incorrect technique causes fast regrowth & the feel of stubble post-wax. Inexperience will cause hair breakage vs actually pulling it out by the root.

QUALITY Products set us apart. We have used EVERYTHING on the market and our combination is the BEST for removal of coarse, unwanted hair that is gentle on the skin, reduced ingrown hairs & minimal discomfort. Poor quality products will cause hair breakage, increased ingrown hairs, and increased discomfort.

Inexperience, Cheap products + Time restrictions from big box chains will get you "good enough" waxing, if you want to shave what they didn't have time to get.

Charmed Salon uses only the finest wax resins with natural ingredients and aromatherapy oils. This specialty wax grips & shrink wraps hair for easy, effective removal while it's gentle, low-temperature formula provides nurturing and conditioning benefits for extra client comfort, leaving skin smooth and soft to the touch.

Call or Text (209)676-0286 for Appointments


Men's Facial Waxing (add on services only, not offered a la carte)

Neck $20

Brows $25

Ears $11

Inner Nose $12

Full Nose (Top and Nostrils) $20

Cheeks $20

Men's Body Waxing

Chest/Stomach $63

Chest $35

Stomach $25

Nipples $18

Back/Shoulders $63

Full Arms $60

Full Butt $60

Mankini $60; Speedo Line Clean up

Teeny Mankini $65 Smaller mankini line for Gstring

Manzilian(Male Brazilian) $75 You guessed it! The Brazilian wax for men (includes crack)

Full Leg $75

1/2 leg $60

Full Body $375

50% deposit required  for appointments over 1 hour at time of booking. *And up Pricing depends on hair coarseness and density


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