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    • Is it safe to do a Brazilian Wax?

    • What is a Brazilian wax exactly and what should I expect?

    • I just started my period!Can I still get waxed?

    • Do you wax males?

    • I'm pregnant, can I still get waxed?

    • Can waxing cause pimple breakouts? What can I do to prevent this?

    • Why is waxing by my nail person so much less than salons? Whats the difference?

    • How long do Eyelash Extensions last? Do they look fake? What should I expect?

    • Is your Eyelash Extension Adhesive safe for the eyes?

    • What is a Lash Lift?

    • Why Do We Need Facials?

    • Am I Supposed to tip?

    • Why is it so important to cancel 24 hours or more for an appointment?

    Is it safe to do a Brazilian Wax? top

    Cleanliness,Sanitation and client safety is highest priority. While doing Brazilian waxing it is imperative your waxer NEVER re-use the same stick. In a single Brazilian service we may use upwards of 20-40 sticks on a single client. Before a client is waxed they are given a disposable towelette to cleanse the area. An anti-bac cleanser is also used pre and post wax. This also helps close the pores after waxing to prevent bumps. Keep in mind, anyone with Diabetes, Eczema , Psoriasis, Phlebitis and other skin disorders will not be waxed. Anyone using Accutane will not be waxed for 6 months after discontinued use. Although others may have waxed you in the past, we will not under any circumstances wax anyone with the above mentioned conditions or medications unless we are given a written release from your Physician.

    What is a Brazilian wax exactly and what should I expect? top

    A Brazilian wax is a completely hair free pubic and anal area* This is
    accomplished at Charmed Salon Ripon by waxing using a special wax
    and special strip combination we have found over the years to be the
    most effective at any bikini hair removal. Hair needs to be about a
    quarter of an inch or approximately 14 days after shaving at its
    shortest. It is recommended to trim down hair that is any longer to 1/4
    inch. Remember, the shorter the hair, the less pain!Is it painful? It
    is uncomfortable but tolerable and the results are well worth it. Most
    clients are pleasantly surprised at how quick we are! Charmed Salon
    Ripon Estheticians are specialists in this area and have many years
    of expertise. Most clients take only 15-20 minutes! Results last 4-6
    weeks and hair is a thinner texture and more sparse than
    shaving.*Please take note, hair on any mucous membrane area (inner
    vaginal hair) cannot be waxed due to its sensitive nature. Scared of
    the pain? We suggest No Scream Cream, read about this great topical
    anesthetic under our products category.

    I just started my period!Can I still get waxed? top

    Yes! You can still wax during your period. We ask that you freshen up
    with a toilette and have a clean, fresh tampon put in right before you

    Do you wax males? top

    Yes! We have many male clients that wax body hair, most frequently
    chests and backs but the Manzilian is becoming a popular request! We
    understand hair removal is for everyone and are comfortable waxing both
    men and women. Unfortunately, there are some "undesirables" that assume this is going
    to be a pleasurable experience of some sort. This is a professional
    waxing hair removal service. We respect our clients, provide a privacy
    drape for male and female clients ask that you remain draped as needed
    and Estheticians directions are followed at all times.We DO NOT
    tolerate inappropriate behavior of any kind at any time and will
    terminate the session immediately at our discretion. You will still be
    responsible for full payment of your scheduled appointment.

    I'm pregnant, can I still get waxed? top

    Absolutely! With all those Doctor Visits many of our clients actually
    wax more frequently when pregnant. Be aware that because of the
    increased blood flow when pregnant you may (or may not) experience some
    minor bruising from waxing.

    Can waxing cause pimple breakouts? What can I do to prevent this? top

    Pimples are a unfortunately a pretty common reaction to waxing. Men are more prone to breakout due to the fact that they have more oil glands. Common breakout areas are back, chest, upper lip, sides of face and eyebrows. If you are a first time waxer or don't wax certain areas very frequently the skin actually thinks it's "injured" and the skin reacts in a way to heal with white blood cells. If you wax regularly this type of reaction will reduce each time. Here are some simple tips to help reduce pimple breakout after waxing:

    * Make sure the area is really clean prior to waxing. For any personal waxing we provide a cleansing towelette. We also use an anti-microbial wash pre and post wax which also closes pores after waxing.
    *Use a Tea Tree lotion on the area twice a day. Tea tree is also anti-microbial and use of lotion creates a barrier from any bacteria to enter freshly waxed open pores. We apply this post waxing.
    *Avoid the gym for at least 24 hours and shower immediately after gym sessions. Avoid saunas, jacuzzi's and pedicures(after leg waxing) for at least 48 hours.
    *Avoid tight clothing and undergaments post waxing.
    *Use an exfoliator as directed to rid dead skin cells, keep pores clean and reduce potential for ingrown hairs. We offer to great products; Get The Bump Outta Here & Ingrown Exit.
    *Make sure you choose a reputable waxer/salon with high sanitation standards that NEVER recyles sticks and or wax.
    *Ask for a high frequency treatment post waxing to zap and kill bacteria on the spot.

    Why is waxing by my nail person so much less than salons? Whats the difference? top

    Nail techs/Manicurists are NOT licensed in the state of CA to perform
    any waxing services. Only Cosmetologists(Hair Stylists) &
    Estheticians are licensed to do waxing services. A license shows we
    have been trained to perform this service safely and are knowledgeable
    of sanitation requirements pertaining to this service. Basically the
    lower price your paying is for unlicensed work and most often you are
    being waxed in a chair out in the open vs a private room. They may do a
    great job but just be observant next time. Are they using clean
    implements? Do they reuse the stick and contaminate the wax?

    How long do Eyelash Extensions last? Do they look fake? What should I expect? top

    Charmed Salon Ripon uses 3-D Eyelash extensions, a leading brand in the
    beauty industry.3-D Eyelash Extensions can last indefinitely with
    proper home care and salon maintenance. Refills are recommended every
    2- 3 weeks to fill in sparse areas from natural lashes lost during
    normal life cycle, oilier skin etc... When booking your eyelash
    extension appointment please keep in mind there is a 2 day aftercare
    home maintenance! The 2 days following your extension appointment are
    critical! No swimming, steaming, excessive sweating etc...The adhesive
    requires 2 full days to dry so this period is critical to the life of
    your new lashes.Once the 2 days have passed you may resume regular
    activities. In my experience I have found the clients that are most
    careful and baby their lashes lose the fewest and go the longest
    between refills. Charmed Salon Ripons Eyelash Extension clients feel their
    new eyelash extensions look like completely natural lashes that are
    longer and thicker and love their new look! Almost all have said they
    do not wear mascara anymore and that it saves so much time getting
    ready! We do NOT use strips, flares or clusters as these weigh down and
    damage the eyelashes. Although a tedious process we do use individual
    lashes. Individuals look and feel more natural and don't damage the
    natural lash. If you have a concern with sensitive eyes please come in
    for a patch test prior to your appointment.

    Is your Eyelash Extension Adhesive safe for the eyes? top

    We use 3D brand eyelash extension adhesive.A formaldehyde free adhesive made in the USA, USP & Medically approved. Not only safest for the eyes but provides one of the strongest bonds of all extension adhesives.

    What is a Lash Lift? top

    This is the best-kept secret in the beauty industry! Lay back and relax for 30-45 minutes. Products specifically formulated to curl and condition the lashes safely are used to create a curl that lasts 5-6 weeks. I have been a Latisse user for about 3 months. I have long, full, dark lashes now but no curl. Although I have offered this service for many years I had not had an eyelash lift for a long time. I remembered not having to curl them and loving that but WOW! The Latisse plus the lift, HUGE difference. Truthfully, I can't stop looking at my lashes since I got this done. I LOVE this service! I wake up to curled lashes and don't need much mascara if any!

    Why Do We Need Facials? top

    Facials are often thought of as a luxury but are actually more of a
    necessity! Our faces are the first things people see. Great skin
    increases self confidence and self esteem. Dead skin accumulates on the
    skin surface daily. Skin with an over abundance of dead skin lacks
    radiance and begins to look dull and tired. This accumulation of dead
    skin cells also makes it difficult for skin to breathe. Once this 
    happens pores get clogged and toxins and impurities become trapped. At
    this point a professional cleansing facial from a Charmed Salon
    Esthetician could greatly benefit your skin! Charmed Salons
    Estheticians will do an evaluation of your skin and help decide what
    products or type of exfoliation would be most beneficial. Facials are
    recommended every 4-6 weeks to assist in removing impurities and keep
    skin looking vibrant and healthy!

    Am I Supposed to tip? top

    Tipping is up to each individual client. We are a service industry and
    most clients tip any where from 0%-20% of the service price.  The
    average is about 15%, similar to tipping at a restaurant for service.
    Charmed Salon Ripon values all of its clients regardless of whether
    they decide to tip or not!

    Why is it so important to cancel 24 hours or more for an appointment? top

    Most people don't realize that most of us in the beauty industry are
    paid by or for a portion of an appointment. We are not paid an hourly
    wage therefore missed appointments due to no shows, last minute
    cancellations etc...really effect our pocket books! Most often we have
    a cancellation list and can fill an appointment if given adequate
    notice of 24 hours or more. Please keep that in mind when scheduling
    with any  Esthetician or Massage Therapist. Clients with a
    past history of no shows will be asked to make a credit card deposit to
    secure any future appointments.
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