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Epiladerm Permanent Hair Removal

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What is Epiladerm?

Epiladerm is a unique, patent pending, permanent hair removal gel treatment system derived from natural enzymes with permanent results. It is applied after waxing and is completely painless. Made for both women and men, it is effective on any part of the body for any hair or skin color and for all skin types.

Treatments require regular sessions in a period of time. The number of hair is reduced by appr. 20% after each treatment. After each successive treatment re-growth time for remaining hair will be longer and the hairs finer and easier to remove. A noticeable decrease in hair growth will be visible after the third or fourth treatment. Note that you may have a temporary increase in hair growth following the first treatments as the body is reacting to the treatment. This will allow for increased efficacy during the subsequent treatments and even more visible results.

For permanent result 6 ? 12 treatments are recommended. Please note, not all hair cells are active at the same time and Epiladerm System only treats hair that is visible at the time of treatment. Its effectiveness is based upon the human body?s own enzyme, Trypsin. Due to its unique formulation Trypsin does not interact with other substances or structures of the skin and does not enter the circulatory system. It has been tested for safety and effectiveness with convincing results. 

What to Expect

To properly treat all hair follicles with the Epiladerm System™ 4-week intervals between treatments are recommended for treatments on the face. Note that certain factors can cause new future hair growth ? hormonal changes, during pregnancy or menopause, as well as use of certain pharmaceuticals such as HRT and genetic predispositions for future hair growth due to the aging process ? and may require additional treatments. In very rare cases a small local urticarial rash can result that will disappear within 48 hours. A patch test may be requested 24 hours before the procedure.

This treatment is not recommended for those who react or are sensitive to salicylic acid


  • Removes unwanted hair permanently
  • Gentle and effective without any side effects
  • A treatment takes short time, not inconvenient or painful
  • Epiladerm SYSTEM works on all types of skin and hair color
  • Solarium or sunbathing prior to session is no obstacle to the effective treatment
  • It can be applied in any season
  • It is less costly than any other hair removal procedure with permanent result
  • The Epiladerm System is used directly after a traditional waxing, sugaring, threading or tweezing to target and break down hair follicles.



Before your Epiladerm treatment, avoid showering or applying any topical products (creams, lotions, perfume, makeup, deodorant, etc) for a minimum of one hour before your session. Please note that it is ideal to completely avoid using any products such as oils or powder on the areas to be treated on the day of your Epiladerm treatment. A treatment with EPILADERMregistered Depilar Permanent Hair Removal SYSTEM is 3 simple steps:

  1. A normal waxing or tweezing is done removing the hair with the root.
  2. If the skin is very dry or sun damaged then an exfoliation or dry brushing of the specific area will be done before a treatment.
  3. The INHIBITOR is applied and massaged into the skin for about. 1 ? 2 minutes.
  4. The ACTIVATOR is also massage into the skin for about. 1 ? 2 minutes.

Immediately after your Epiladerm treatment, avoid showering or washing the areas treated for a minimum of one hour. Avoid sunbathing, tanning beds, creams, self-tanners, products containing alcohol, make-up and deodorant for 24 hours after Epiladerm. 


HAIR GROWTH FACTS Hair growth is classified in three stages:


  1. anagen

During the anagen phase the papilla cells connect with the base of the hair follicle and cause hair growth. On average at any one time approximately 20% of the body?s hair follicles are in the anagen phase. During this phase when the growing hair is removed by waxing or tweezing the papilla cells are exposed. Through the empty hair follicle the Epiladerm System can reach these cells break them down and thus inhibit hair growth.

  1. catagen

The catagen phase is when the papilla cells retract from the follicle and the hair ceases to grow further.

  1. telogen

The telogen phase is when the body expels the dead hair. During the catagen and telogen phases, the Epiladerm System is ineffective on those specific hair follicles as the papilla cells are unexposed and unreachable.


The Epiladerm System™ has not been tested on animals. More info at

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